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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Let There Be Light

Every word of this ad is worth reading. Kudos to the copywriter because I kind of want to start smoking so I can justify having an ashtray made of real rabbit. And I definitely want a hobby that elicits the brand of passion pouring out of the lampmaker's eyes towards his luminary squirrel. Those eyes, that connection, they tell a story don't they? "You and me, Hazelnut, we're gonna light up this mad mad world. We're gonna SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE."

.....in response to my cousin Ryan's brilliant suggestion in the comments section I created a prototype of cougaRack.


LTorres said...

I have a friend that did some trapping in his younger days, he’s from Kentucky, not that there’s anything wrong with that. He found some cool looking tracks one morning and did some research. He tells me he found hundreds of what looked to be mink tracks. He set traps all over the place and got up early the next morning to check the traps before school. His dad was so excited that he went with him at 4:30 AM to check the traps. They set 60 traps the previous evening and every trap was full. I guess rat and mink tracks look very similar.

He could’ve made a heck of a lamp.

Cougar Cuz said...

After reading this and thinking it was the most ridiculous, most incredible, most practical, most awe inspiring form of art, I then noticed the Omaha, NE stamp on the bottom right. Makes me think I should start my own animal stuffing business since Omaha is obviously littered with "fox as a mouse pad" and "cougar as a coat rack" craftsmen.

ps. Can you imagine a cougar as a coat rack/personal greeter...I can.