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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


We got our list today. The list of everything we lost in the fire and how much money they're giving us for it. One of those things was a patio chair. A cheap, metal and mesh lounge chair that I got at Meijer when I first graduated from college. Something to relax on while I read literature on my miniature porch listening to 23 geese honk at the cheap water feature/hose in the algae-filled "lake." The company that priced everything thought I had this chair. The Tahoe Chaise Lounge. Which, believe it or not, costs $635. So as much as I'd love to pretend I did indeed lose this handcrafted chaise lounge-I cannot. I have to tell the price-fairies the annoying truth. Stupid morals. I guess I'll just go to my grave wondering if God just really wanted me to have that Tahoe. A divine gift of wooden-relaxation tossed straight into my lap. And I'm blowing it.

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