"" bshawise: SUPERMAN JAM

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I went to the monster truck jam at bank one arena friday. It was surprisingly and frustratingly boring. Our friends won box seats in a silent raffle. Monster Jams aren't our scene. But we were curious and the tickets were free. It's the same curiosity I had with the opera. Turns out both are painful. I did stay for the whole Monster Jam though. I left the opera at intermission to go to a nearby bar.

At the jam you spend 90% of the time watching the trucks parallel park into the corners. That takes roughly ten minutes. Then two other trucks move into position. That takes another five. They "race" for five SECONDS. Then they repeat with the parking and the positioning. Then grown men in pit crew gear come blast tshirts out of cannons and people go monstercrazy. After intermission (opera/theater influenced) you come back for the grand finale. Which is what this video is. This Superman character is the crowd favorite. The Hulk Hogan and Sean Michael Murphy of car smashing.


Anonymous said...

Interestinghtr post

John Arns said...

these seem to be the cousin to truck pulls -- pretty boring ... unless of course that's what you like.