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Friday, February 15, 2008

What's your Handle?

I like nicknames. I've started lots in my day. Been around for the conception of even more. Wentworth, Crazylegs, Spacehog, Taint, Douglas, 'Doneyez, Monsterface are a handful that stuck for years. Most don't. I am strangely intrigued by self-titled nicknames. A la GOAT (LL Cool J) a sweet acroymn for greatest of all time. In college I got a real bang out of trying to get my roommates to call me Hurricane. Would've responded to H-cane even. It didn't stick. Sea-salt in that failure-wound was that around that same time another roommate started calling himself Dodger and it did stick. I still suspect a conspiracy. A good nickname is like a delicious side dish. The onion straws that make the rib eye really sing. The bacon that improves everything.

So the next time you see me please (I can't make you) say, "wuddup, Ice Cold." The reasons for this new nickname are obvious. I won't waste your time listing them. And if you're not into Ice Cold for some insane reason....Hurricane is still on the table. I'm flexible.

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Anonymous said...

I liked vice gripsters....