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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Found this on the internet machine this morning. It's a good addendum to the previous post. Nick Cage would never inspire this kind of cleverness.


Anonymous said...

I'm taking this as a personal attack on my liking Nick Cage (in dramatic roles). Guess it's only fair considering that I've posted a few derogatory remarks about Glengarry:-)


bshawise said...

craig, rent 8mm. if you still like Cagers after this violent and horrible assault on your senses then.........i don't know what. you're clearly mad.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, 8mm was not cage's best work. I was referring more to Adaptation, Leaving Las Vegas, Weather Man or even Family Man. Guess my point is that he may be better accused of taking on poorly written roles than simply just being a bad actor. Adam Sandler, I'd put him into that category too...I'm a fan of Punch drunk love and reign over me. But then again maybe it has nothing to do with acting "skill" but simply being cast in roles where they were at their best.