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Friday, March 21, 2008

Sweet Home Ohio

This is Will. He just moved to Jerusalem, Ohio after sailing around the world for the past eight years chopping onions with giant machines and flipping omelets for a crew of 4,000. He was a cook for the Navy. "A darn good one too," he assured me (with slightly different language). He's insanely good at pool which flips my image of recreation on aircraft carriers completely upside down. After living in San Diego the past few years he says it's good to be home. "Ohio's for lovers" he told us. About 14 times. I hope he finds love in Jerusalem. He seems to be searching for it in the form of stability, simplicity and connection. I think he picked a good spot to start and end his search.

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tyler said...

ahhh will... the salt of the earth. will should teach groups of people things.