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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sharing = Caring

Click play and fast forward to :20 and start reading below...

I love the 1963 film The Great Escape. Close this window and go rent the movie if you've never seen it. One of my favorite charcters is Flight Lt. Hendley. He's "The Scrounger." He finds stuff. You need passports and travel documents from a German soldier so you can secretly recreate them while inside a German prison....ask The Scrounger. He knows where stuff is, how to get it and who to ask if he doesn't. He doesn't give you a bunch of reasons why it's impossible to get reams of fabric so you can secretly make escape clothes from inside a German prison. He asks when you need them. I love Scroungers. When I was in the process of hiring this guy I told someone I needed a Lt. Hendley. They had no idea who I was talking about.

So I said, "Alright then. Have you seen Shawshank?" (stop the above track click play here)

"Of course." He said. "Who hasn't?" He said.

"I need a Red." I said. (sorry. got a lil' carried away with the rhyming.)

Red is a scrounger. I like to surround myself with these kind of people. People who just know stuff and can answer questions, solve problems, find things and figure out how to make crazy ideas actually happen. I'm pretty much lost and powerless without these types. My new friend Abe is a scrounger of sorts. He recently showed me the website that enables you to put little music players in your blog like the one you should currently be listening to. Actually, stop that song. Play this one.

Good scroungers share. I'm glad Abe shared seeqpod.com. The possibilities are endless. Wanna create a Bluesday playlist to get your friends a little closer to Humpday via the sounds of BB and Muddy? Make a playlist on seeqpod and email it out. Are you like my friend Paul (a radio DJ stuck in a lumberjack-accountant's body)? Create a radio show weblog with seeqpod and teach the world to sing. Sick of your music? Seeqpod. Do whatchu want. Just share it, baby. You can't front on that.

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tyler said...

I can't stop listening to the Beastie Boys. They ask me what I want... I want more Beastie Boys.