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Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day

I feel like I might have caught Reds fever. I went down to the Opening Day parade. Saw kids on six foot tall unicycles and grown men pushing decorated lawnmowers that spit bubbles. I was impressed with the thousands of people braving the rain. I cannot say the same for the numerous flag squads I saw trailing their marching bands. I've never seen a flag squad do anything in unison besides suck. Why is that? Is it hard to wave flags on beat in groups larger than two? Sorry, not where I was going with this post.

I think I caught the fever. When I was strolling around Fountain Square I found myself wanting to like the Redlegs. I grew up a Cleveland fan but I saw people cheering for the old legends like Robinson and Perez and I felt a pang of healthy jealousy. Groups of friends drinking micro brews and wearing customized jerseys were slapping fives and giving off palpable vibes of intoxicating optimism. I wanted to join them and be like "Hey guys........So.....how about our Cincinnati Redlegs? This is OUR year!!!! Right guys? Guys.......? Oh, we're leaving?.......You're leaving......Yeah, ok, I'll uh......just go over here. Go Reddies!!!!!!" The business man taking a long lunch would tell me that nobody calls them the Reddies. I'd tell him go fax himself and leave, proud of my clever slam. Man, I keep trailing off course with this post. Bottom line: I might try rooting for the Reds a little. Nothing major. No hats or tshirts. If it feels right then maybe. I did see one I liked today.

GO REDDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jmjana said...

amen brad. i was teary about nuxhall and i didn't know who he was until he died a few months ago and i haven't thought about him since i heard he died. there's something about being there or watching it and being a part of it. LOVE it. go redlings.

ps. yes we watched the opening day game at school. on the big screen. my job is awesome. and i ate 2.5 hotdogs. and wanted to throw up.

aspiringradass said...

my sides hurt.