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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Inconvenient Truth

Think about this nugget: If Al "the internet" Gore had shown drowning monkeys instead of drowning ferocious bears... global warming would be like Tab. A calorie-free, distant memory. It's all in the casting. I've seen it a thousand hundred times- casting directors make or break movies. Along with earth-saving. Had captain planet cast a monkey to swim around the freezing ocean/die I guarantee that 100% of America's soccer moms would've stopped killing our planet with their enormous SUVs and AquaNet. I mean, imagine if Nicholas Cage were cast as Forest Gump. We would've been hoping for a drunken truck driver to mow him down on that cross country jog. We need a character we can root for. Sadly, a sinking bear wasn't it. An unfortunate, inconvenient truth.


ylmurph said...

this is why I come here for the honest, unvarnished look at the truth...and I will continue to come to this important site as long as bears are allowed to freely walk this soon to be doomed planet

aspiringradass said...

who uses aquanet anymore? how old are you, 78?