"" bshawise: ChallONNNNNNGE bouts

Friday, July 25, 2008

ChallONNNNNNGE bouts

Geraldine beats her ex-boyfriend, the SharkJumper. When asked about it she said, "I dumped him for Fidel Castro." And after a long pause and awkward display of her technicolor teeth Geraldine said, "Now get out of here." (submitted by Christopher Day)

In a battle of nostalgia, the Fonz jumps Bearded Munster. (submitted by Banjo Boyd)

Bearded Munster beats Akiko (submitted by Steve)

Akiko beats Smokin' Darth.

Smokin' Darth beats Slick Rick.

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Clarke said...

i have the perfect picture for the challONNNNNGE but i cannot find it, and it is ruining my life. i sent you a substitute pic.