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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What would yours' be?

Kind of an interesting question. I'm obviously biased. But here's an experiment...email me your metaphor (something that describes or could represent you in an iconic way) and I'll whip up a quick graphic for you and post it below.) So say Harrison Ford emails me, I'd whip up a literal whip. Get it? And.....go.

Craig and Sara just emailed theirs: EXPLORERS. Leah and I went to their wedding two weeks ago and instead of a wedding cake they had an ice cream truck and everyone got to take tickets outside to the refrigerated dreammaker and pick an ice cream. Brilliant! They explored the boundaries of nuptial desserts.

mat milthaler chose FUTURISTIC. I can attest to his futureness. He's always a few steps ahead. Always strategizing. Before the Raygunner was born Mat had two playlists on his iPod ready for when he popped out. One if it was a girl one if it was a boy. And probably a third if it was a tiny meatloaf.

Banjo Boyd chose REBEL PILGRIM. I believe there was a whole separate boat for the rebel pilgrims. Banjo would've been on that one telling stories in fresh new ways and leading counter cultural revolutions. And in the wee small hours he'd be trying to convince everyone that Taylor Hicks is good.

Little Brenty chose STEADY. This is a good word for this soon to be groom. I'm sure he developed this trait during his high school football days. He was an all state quarterback who threw lots of touchdowns. And lots of interceptions. Through it all he was as cool as Ralph Macchio. I'm sure his steadiness has been his greatest ally through all this wedding planning madness.

Tyler chose MONSTER. I actually don't remember 100% how this nickname started. I think it was originally Monster Face. He's been called many things. All related to his unbridled strength and courage. Or his craggy face. He's a mix between Nick Lachey and Daniel Craig (new James Bond).

Jessica asked that I choose a word for her. I choose AUTHENTICITY. Jessica is who she is all the time regardless of the setting and company. She's one cool chick. Always. (I should note: I tried to find an image of a window thinking that could illustrate authenticity. Then I found a window with the word on it. It seemed too serendipitous to pass up.)


matthew milthaler said...

i'll pick... futuristic

bwise8 said...

I'll pick........Steady.

Joe said...

"storyteller"? though if want to do "rebel pilgrim" i can steal it for a logo for my production co.

matthew milthaler said...

so, what's your descriptor?

tyler said...

hmm... monster. gotta be monster.

Clarke said...

i want you to choose one for me

Clarke said...

i'm flattered & i'm liking the pic. you should do these interactive things more often.