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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sweet Ohio

Ok, I have another experiment. We mock up some advertisements for this fine state a la the Pure Michigan ads. You in? Alright, here's the idea. You send me your favorite thing/place/aspect/etc. about Ohio along with three descriptors.

Bean Fields

Then...I'll whip together a SWEET OHIO ad. Then... stay with me now... once we have a good body of work we get a famous Ohioan (Paul Newman- Cleveland) to narrate. Eat it Tim Allen. Then we all get rich by selling them to Governor Strickland. And then... here comes the pay off.... we move to Michigan.

(I'll be at my brother's wedding until Saturday. That gives you plenty of time to send me your list. Also, I'd recommend watching a few Pure ads before generating your list (aka- love letter). It'll help get the romantic propaganda juices flowing.)


leahwise said...

1. Historic
2. Halloween
3. Best University in the state of Ohio

Jane said...


1.Home of Tony Little
2.Crack Capital

Just being REAL

Clarke said...

cedar point
-on lake erie
-17 roller coasters
-elephant ears, funnel cakes, & cotton candy

John Arns said...

Hocking Hills
-massive sandstone caves
-breathtaking gorges
-majestic cliffs