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Friday, July 25, 2008


I am going to copy the geniuses over at theSuperest.com and try a little experiment I'm calling:

A photo battle to determine the Heavy Weight Champion of Cool.

It starts with G-Rizzle down below in yesterday's post. And as Chairman, I declare that the only thing cooler than a bear in a Kangol hat is Slick Rick rocking a crown and eye patch.

Who will ChallONNNNGE Rick? Any photo of any person is fair game. It's not rap mogul specific. They're simply kicking off the battle. So send your photos of TransAm owners, LumberJacks, etc. It's a wide open field. Submit via email: bshawise@yahoo.com. Sean, don't send me a picture of Hasselhoff or Danny Tanner. This is an amateur competition.

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