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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Digital Candy

So there's new treats available to install on your touchable iPods and iPhones. I paid $1.99 for a solitaire game that remains undefeated. 52 gang members teaming up against me every time. I bought another one for $.99 that is a digital zen garden. You drag your fingers around in digital sand. I read the reviews and fellow dorks said how relaxing it was to draw in the sand. Someone wrote, "It's like playing in the dirt." The review I didn't think much of until just now was a guy who said, "Is it me, or is this really dumb? Wouldn't it be better to go outside and actually play in the dirt/sand?"

We're trying hard to never leave our cushioned chairs. I expect iPods to start going to the bathroom for us soon. I recently saw WALL-E. It's really great. But really convicting. They paint the picture of future humans being fat, regressed blobs who spend their entire lives in comfy chairs staring at digital gadgetry. I don't want to become that. I want to be more like the guy who realizes digital zen gardens are dumb. But jerks like Steve Jobs are making it hard by continually churning out digital candy for us all to sit around and munch on. And that was the ironic thing about WALL-E. It was kind of biting the iPod-wielding hand that feeds it. Steve is saying, "buy this sexy, pocket machine-it's the future." And his Pixar peeps are saying, "your future is chair-bound fatness, pork-rinder. how another game of solitaire?"

(cue debbie downer music)


FireFace said...

You are totally right brad. You need to get out there and experience the world itself, not it's digital recreation or "copy". The first step in doing this is mailing me your iPod Touch. Next steps are up to you, I can merely get you started.

Christopher Day said...

I still want an I-phone like Norwegians want a tan! And you can't stop me. Think of all the I-pplications I could use it for. Think of all the I-nteresting things I could do. They really are totally I-mazing, you have to admit. Okay, I'm done.