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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Two decades ago I would've sold everything to follow this guy. He could've been that super cool exchange student who came over and changed everything at Krout Elementary. We would've stopped playing mindless games like football and more football and started skateboarding and listening to music that was popular in America eight years earlier.

This swimmin' terrorist is on my watch list. Level orange.

Am I nuts or does the guy in the left corner look like Tom "the yo yo man" Smothers' asian twin?

This photo makes me feel very uneasy. Like any minute something terrible is going to happen. Like these puppies are going to melt into a mochachino or get mauled by a soggy tiger. They're just waaaaaaay too cute to just sit there and continue with their oppressive cuteness. It's like the opening scene of a horror movie that can't afford actors. Some form of ruination is about to befall these poor pups.

It's a door, Jackass. Open it.

The universe can sleep tonight. The peace agreement we've all been waiting for has been reached. Space travel can resume. Cue Stevie Wonder song.


Joe said...

that donkey caption kills. it's even better to read it as andy samberg doing marky mark.

Christopher Day said...

I'm with Joe. I like the burro one so much that I keep going back to the top and scrolling down to it like it's brand new each time. I laugh my mule off every time.