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Monday, October 13, 2008

Girl Talk

So on Friday I heard this story on NPR about a mash-up artist named Greg Gillis (stage name: Girl Talk). He just quit his day job as a biomedical research engineer to make music full time. He samples hundreds and hundreds of bits of music and smashes them together into something brand new and beautiful. So as I rummaged the internets looking for more, I found this guy on youtube who takes Girl Talk tracks and matches videos up with them. They are flipping amazing. The art created by these two dudes has simply blown my mind. It makes me want to jump on trampolines and fill the world with cotton candy. Explore and enjoy.


Christopher Day said...

ANYONE that can mash-up The Carpenters' Superstar and Like This by MIMS has my respect. Genius.

It does kind of leave me wanting more however. I foresee a mash-up day at my desk!

CousinJoe said...

They were giving this album away for free on the interweb at one point. Don't know if they still are. I happened to snag it... pretty interesting stuff.