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Friday, April 3, 2009

Champ Champion

As I defied all the odds and neared the finish line, a little girl came out of nowhere with a rebel force of victory on her mind. She gave it everything she had to try and overtake me. But because I'm a winner I gave even more of everything I had which is more because I'm a grown man. It's simple physics. And despite all the obstacles, I held her off. I won. Maybe not the big victory (that monopoly is the Kenyans'), but the tiny victory against this sneaky little firecracker. I beat her and got the medal to prove it. I am a champion.

I also conquered a heinous opponent called Toilet-Install. I'd rather run a marathon in acid sleet than install another. I would like to announce my retirement from plumbing. Don't expect to ever see me come back wearing #45. It's over. Forever.


Liz said...

That is one of my favorite part about road races. It never fails that some 8 year old boy crosses the finish line ahead of me, and I think to myself THAT person just beat me? A lesson in humility every time.

Steve Fuller said...

Why was that dude on the right so happy?

tyler said...

sweet space jacket. where'd ya get it?

Shaw said...

The dude on the right was the story Brad didn't tell. But in the dude's Blog, he has a story about how some dude in a funky blue jacket tried to outrace him to the finish line and he held him off.

bshawise said...

Liz, i think an entire elementary school beat me.

Steve, achieving unachievable goals and surmounting insurmountable mountables breeds uncontrollable gaiety.

tyler, from my friend up in wapak, john glenn. for every three steps the coat gains you one small one.

Jeff said...

Can't imagine running that far. I would rather take
on the toilet any day.