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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last night I failed badly at installing a toilet. One problem led to another. Frustration kept snowballing. So, I am forced to deliver a carte blanche condemnation of plumbing. Nothing makes me feel more worthless than home improvement projects. I can't wait for round two tonight. Some expensive good news I guess is that I keep amassing more and more tools. And you should be proud of me, I keep walking past the aisle of pocket knives. Those silver beauties keep calling my name like beautiful sirens beckoning lonely sailors. I've resisted so far. But this journey-weary sailor is only so strong...

All this plumbing nonsense/stress forced me to remember my trip to Nigeria where these dudes spent days digging a latrene. So, by the end of the night, as I watched Lost with a glass of Funky Llama shiraz, I stopped pouting. Half because of the wine and half because I remembered helping those guys dig. And that sucked. Like real bad. My plight is a urinal cake walk compared to latrene digging. (In case you don't know what a latrene is, it's a giant hole you crap in. aka Toledo.)

They dig these things 12 feet deep.
(ps, that Tailspin the musical stuff was april fools nonsense. sorry to anyone who bought tickets to boston or nyc yesterday)


Shaw said...

Old House + Plumbing = Disaster, Expense, Frustration, Broken fixtures, cracked pipes, weak joints, large wet spots.

Did the seal work?

John Arns said...

aww... poor toledo gets picked on all the time.

Brad, I didn't tell you, but the people i bought my house from completely remodeled my bathroom and said they never worked so hard on a home improvement project in their entire life ! (a yr. before i bought it)

They also had much trouble installing the toilet. They threw their hands up in the air and yelled 'help, dad'. Her dad ended up doing it for them.

tyler said...

fix it!!

Clarke said...

you're lucky i live in perrysburg.