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Sunday, April 12, 2009


My sister-in-law Dr. Jessica asked for photos of my birthday. I didn't take any. I was too busy playing with all my new gifts. So I just now took a few pics so you can see all my sweet loot. Leah didn't get me anything so there's no photos of her gifts. I asked for a platter of sour candy. I was told that's ridiculous.

Chris got me a niiiiiice bottle of scotch. He's now in my will. He gets all my gold bullion and war bonds.

Jboogie got me priceless, mint condition baseball cards. He might as well have given me a new pancreas and/or rollercoaster.

Justin (or DreamMaker as I now call him) got me TWO pocket knives. They both have camo handles. The tiny one is for killing anything that's tiny and rabid. The big one is for shredding badgers and anyone who fronts. Justin also got me a Twilight poster with Edward the vampire on it. He was going to open the poster and then slice it with the knife revealing my real gift- the knives. The poster was too curly to stay open so his amazing plan didn't work. I'm not able to take a picture of the poster because Leah immediately hung it over our bed.

I'm now 30 years old. Look out world. I'm about to tackle your ass. I got scotch, Chris Sabo and camo-covered death weapons to go along with three decades of rad living.


John Arns said...

sour candy ridiculous ?? dewars isn't ridiculous. neither is The Big Red Machine. or pocket knives. cool.

and leah is the secondary recipient of the edward poster. too funny.

Glad your third decade started well.

Joe said...

That last picture looks like the photo that will be all over CNN with the title "lone gunman on his myspace page"

Clarke said...

this post made me laugh more than once. mainly the new pancreas part. also, leah threw you a fab party where you received all the fab gifts...shouldn't that count as a gift by default?