"" bshawise: Cool Kid Table (commissioned by Paul Smiley)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cool Kid Table (commissioned by Paul Smiley)

Kyle was in the bathroom when he heard the oven timer go off. Fifth period. Lunch. He walked downstairs and his classmates were fighting in line waiting to wash their hands at the kitchen sink.

"Quit pinching." Karin (the oldest) said and kicked backwards.

"Quit kicking." Kenneth (the youngest) yelled.

"I will when you will!" Karin added.

"I will when you quit hogging." Kenneth was ready to eat.

Their mom yelled from the living room, "Karin and Kenneth! Quit yelling. Kyle, are you out there?"

"Yeah." Kyle mumbled.

"Come get your geometry worksheet before lunch."

"Can I get it after?" Kyle asked, waiting behind Kenneth at the sink.

"What'd I say?"

"Fine." Kyle shuffled out. Karin threw the towel at Kenneth and walked to the fridge. She grabbed two Hot Pockets and a gallon of whole milk.

"Mom, do we have any soy milk?" Karin yelled.

Her mom yelled back, "What? No! That's not good for you." Back to Kyle, "Do you have the hall pass?"

"I left it upstairs." Kyle muttered.

"Get it after lunch. Here. Put this in your blue folder and go wash up." She handed him the worksheet. Kyle put it with the others and went back to the kitchen. Kenneth was already sitting waiting for Karin to bring the Hot Pockets. Kyle finished washing his hands.

"Did you make me one?" He said to Karin.

"Yeah, right." She laughed.

Kyle looked over at his little brother. "Can I sit with you guys today?"

"Yeah, right." Kenneth also laughed.

Kyle looked back at his older sister. "Do we have any Hot Pockets left?"

"No. Just Lean Pockets." Karin served Kenneth and sat down. Kyle shuffled over to the freezer. He pulled out the Lean Pockets. He wanted to yell at his mom. He wanted to tell her she's as bad at shopping as she is geometry. He didn't. He already had two detentions that week.


j steg said...

That was way more than 110 words.

Breakfast lean pockets are the bomb.

Steve Fuller said...

Now write one where a home-schooled kid has a crush on his teacher.