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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flutey Flutebox

Remember choosing an instrument back in like 5th grade for band? I wonder how many dudes would choose the flute if they saw this. I can imagine showing up the first day of practice with Mr. Kesey, his tie tucked into his pants, and his surprise when I started fluteboxing.

Mr. Kesey would've told me to stop and made me promise to never do that again. So then I'd be stuck just fluting and getting made fun of like this.


ylmurph said...

I love it 56 seconds in when he looks out to the audience to acknowledge their joy with an "I know - it's really fun isn't it!"


Christopher Day said...

You realize that without Jethro Tull, this is just another Youtube video of some guy beatboxing. Thank you Jethro...er uh...Mr. Tull.

Allie said...

Who knew a guy could make being a floutist sexy?!?!