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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rollercoaster of love

This summer, we're doing a series on God's love. This song will be somewhat of a "theme song." When I heard it I saw old school carnival imagery. Ferris wheels, giant swing rides, strings of big bulb lights, warm, nostalgic, happy. Think Tim Burton's Big Fish. So if you know someone who owns a warehouse that old carnival rides go to die, please holla. And if the sound/feel of this song makes you think of anything, please share. I'm in the very beginning of tadpole season with this one. I'd love some help.

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Allie K. said...

Just listening to the song without watching the video, it made me think of hippies. Flower children in a huge meadow; dancing, spinning, sun shining and petals blowing in the wind, open to all experiences. Then watching the video made me think of Carebears...not sure why. Maybe the memory of the unity of all of them together in their "Care Bear Stare" is what evoked it.