"" bshawise: Michael & Nora

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Michael & Nora

Realized today that I never posted this vid. We went and shot this at my new friend Michael's house in one of my favorite Cincinnati neighborhoods, Reading. All the houses are jammed together down there, close to the street, close to shops and factories. I like to imagine folks back in the day getting off work, walking to the bar, and then walking home for supper. Maybe singing songs together as they walked in step. Anyways, Nora the Singing Dog is one of Reading's hidden treasures. Michael says she's part sheep. He's broken many electric razors trying to trim her uber thick coat. Great pair these two. I'm lucky to call 'em friends.


Jason Boys said...

I've gotta meet these two.

tyler said...

Did that dog ever make copies of itself?