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Sunday, December 14, 2008

BESTOV '08: Moment in TV Series

From here until the New Year (or I get bored with it) the majority of my posts will be BESTOV '08 award winners. Certainly there's plenty of things that deserve to get dubbed "The Best of 2008" by me, right? Sure.

So the BESTOV '08: Moment in TV Series goes to.... It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Charlie wrote a musical, the gang starred in it, and this is the final scene, the big finish. It's probably only funny if you watch the show. I, the only judge on the BESTOV judges panel, do in fact watch the show. So I find this moment hilarious. Award winning even. Enjoy.

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matthew milthaler said...

just watched it tonight on tivo... i almost called you to see if you had seen it.

two comments in one day... you're doing something right.