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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Break

Happy Christmas Eve, party people. Leah and I just exchanged gifts and are heading home for a nice break and to see our families. Among various candies and nuts she gave me a Sake set. I don't really enjoy the taste of the rice booze. But I LOVE the process of pouring it out of a little jug into a tiny glass.

The {re}gifter finished its run. What a strange feeling. I hope to have the opportunity to shoot the stage portions on video and have a finished product on DVD. If you're rich and want to bankroll that endeavor please send me a messenger pigeon. One of the better stories I heard is of this seven year old boy who leaned over to his grandma at the end and said, "I think I'm going to cry." And then they both did. It was fun to see how much kids enjoyed the show. This has much to do with how great Banjo Boyd was as the lead. He said a thousand words with his non-verbal work. Every time the music came on people sat up in their seats anticipating what he was going to do. Christopher Day was as funny as I thought he would be. Actually, he was funnier. He stole the show. I have a feeling this is the beginning of quite a ride for young Stopher. Sean Murphy's dramatic work made the show. I told him before we shot his fight scene that it was the key to the entire show. No pressure. Man, did he deliver. Authentic with just the right amount of subtlety. Jes Brookes brought a lot of depth to her character of Paige that wasn't there in the script. And the kids were fantastic. I heard many people say their favorite scene was the kids' interaction with Sam at the dumpster.

All in all it's a bittersweet end. Frankly, I'm not quite ready to process it all. I just want to reflect and hear others' reflections on what they enjoyed about each of the characters and scenes. Selfish? Perhaps. But to move on and finish with the processing means that it's really over. That can happen in 2009.


John Arns said...

isn't it a director's perogative to be selfish ? perhaps. well, not selfish if the director worked hard and deserves to savor what was created. which is the case in this story.

the processsssssing should linger...... well into the upcoming year.

LTorres said...

I loved the show. Our family laughed and enjoyed the show more than we thought we would, and we had high expectations. We had a spectacular time. Kudos to everyone involved!