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Monday, December 8, 2008

Blog Bragging #2

So there's a member of the crew I haven't bragged on yet. This superstar is far and away the one most responsible for this grueling process going so well. Right now, Joe is thinking this post is going to be about him. It is not. It's about Leah. I've told her all this stuff so I'm not trying to win points with her. I'm just bragging on her.

Weeks like the last one where I'm gone until well after midnight every night effect her as much as they do me. Miss Jackson alerts her when I come home so there's no real sleeping until then. Miss also doesn't listen very well to Leah talking about work, school and Perez Hilton. She mostly just whines until Leah lets her up on the couch. I've been home with just the dog when Leah is traveling and things are just better when Leah and I are both in the same room.

So it would've been very easy for Leah to be less than thrilled with me last week. Instead, she was amazing. She made me delicious lunches for me to take to work every night because I wasn't able to eat dinner with her. She took care of all the stuff that goes into keeping our house clean, paid for, etc. She stayed up and had a glass of wine with me when I finally did get home and listened to me go on and on. She sent me txt messages telling me she loves me. She supported me. And that is essential to my functionality. I cannot feel good about things unless I have her support. I had it this week and it's the main reason it was so rewarding.

Last few words and I'm done...

All week I asked Leah to come on set. I wanted her to see everything. Friday night she came down after her staff Christmas party (that I was unable to attend with her). We were shooting outside and there were huge lights everywhere. The house glowed. We were getting ready to roll when I turned around and saw Leah. She was in her white coat and knee high boots. She was more radiant than the glowing house. A few people came up to me later on (and this always happens) and said, "Your wife is so beautiful." I always respond, "I know. I'm a lucky guy." She is stunning. Both inside and out.


workinprogress said...

leah's pretty awesome. I'm glad you guys have each other.

Christopher Day said...

She sounds terrific. Does she have a sister, cousin, aunt, grandmother, friend?? Someone without an Mrs in front of their name??

John Arns said...

I believe Leah's one-of-a-kind (although maybe there's a close likeness SOMEWHERE). ha