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Monday, December 15, 2008

BESTOV '08: Motion Picture

If you haven't seen WALL-E please grab your coat, keys, wallet and run to an establishment that can trade you a digital video disc for money. This movie absolutely floored me. I think it was a catalyst in writing the {RE}gifter. The end credits alone were worth the $7.50 ticket. Hats off to the wizards at Pixar. They done did it again.


John Arns said...

certainly worth keeping in one's own DVD library !

matthew milthaler said...

here, here. this was the first full length feature film that reagan watched all the way through in one sitting. considering it's mostly non-verbal this is a huge feat.

and... i've watched it 7 times since... he loves it.


John Arns said...

my brother experienced the same thing with his kids, Mat.

they watched it through in one sitting, completely mesmerized...

...several times