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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Air Vocals

True story. This is major inspiration for vcc's (potential) 2009 Christmas show.


Steve Fuller said...

1) Is that a 12 year old boy or a 55 year old woman?

2) Is that the kid from Day's Spiderman post?

jmjana said...

what's amazing is that just this morning i was thinking about you and the christmas show and wondering how your brain creates something so great each year.

this definitely explains it!

Christopher Day said...

There is NOTHING that I don't love about this. Nothing. The fro, the glasses, the Wii wheel, and definitely the slow turns. Wow. I'm stealing this. I'm reposting this. I'm flying to wherever this 3rd grader/little person/middle-aged woman lives and I'm hugging him/her/it.

Dear God,
Please guide young Bradley Wise as he plans for this Christmas' show. Allow him the wisdom to make sure he includes me. God, make Brad make me wear an afro and glasses and slow turn to a country song remixed into techno.

John Arns said...

I can almost feel this song in my sleep. I hear it on the radio every day. and love it. along with the video.

bshawise said...

i think it's a 55 year old vegan housewife who sells buttons online.

my favorite part is when she echoes back the line around the :40ish mark.