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Monday, June 1, 2009


Awhile back Leah read a D.Ramsey book. She decided we needed to get a little more focused with our finances. So, we started the cash system. It only took a few times of getting in trouble for forgetting that the debit card was off limits for me to get it. That led to us paying off a few debts, refinancing our home and things are starting to look pretty good.

Two weeks ago we started a workout program called P90X. It's intense (dare I say Xtreme). For over 14 days straight nearly every muscle in our bodies have been sore. But it's kind of great. We commiserate together, we encourage each other, we even do the 90 minute yoga workout together. The first week we got sushi after the yoga. How freaking yuppy is that? Yikes. It's only been a couple weeks but we're both really enjoying the challenge.

Last week we both started to wonder why we're able to spend at least an hour day, six days a week focusing on our physical health but we don't spend anywhere near that on our spiritual health. So this week, we're going to see what's out there to help us focus in on that side of things.

I say all this because I think taking on challenges with someone starts a bit of a chain reaction. We got our financial life in gear and that felt good, so somewhat unknowingly we looked for more. We're starting to get our physical life in gear which immediately caused us to look for more. Who knows what'll happen if we get our spiritual life more focused and disciplined. We may start levitating and curing cancer.

I challenge you to find a buddy/friend/lover/small group/extraordinary dog and take on a challenge together. I'm guessing the same kind of chain reaction could happen. That initial challenge will birth others and by the end of the summer, we could all be curing cancer together David Blaine style. That would be Xtreme.


John Arns said...

i hope levitating isn't a prerequisite for cancer curing.

Clizzzarke said...

I take on challenges then pawn them off on others to see if they die. Good job not dying with P90X.

ylmurph said...

what if we could cure David Blaine of cancer?
great stuff