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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last summer, I discovered a this guy's blog. He called his lil' site a tumblelog. I didn't know what that meant and didn't think a whole lot about it. This past spring, however, I started stumbling upon other tumblelogs. I did a little research and a whole new world has opened. Am I late to the tumblr game here?

Tumblr.com is a micro-blogging site. People post and re-post pics, clips, quotes and anything else that catches their eye. It is a never-ending, pixel flea market. I am humbled by the amount of art out in cyberland every time I start cruising around different tumblelogs. I take this luxury for granted most days. Other days, when I've had just the right amount of coffee and pay attention to the lil' birdies in my backyard, I really appreciate the accessibility of inspiration.

Do you tumblelog? Do you have tumblr sites you go to on a regular basis? If so, please share. They're like crack (the healthy kind that grows your brain) and I need/want more. Here's a few I've been checking out lately.

i am blessed

art pixie

shades of grey

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