"" bshawise: Bear Sighting North of Cincinnati

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bear Sighting North of Cincinnati

Dear Residents of Waynesboro,

Nice knowing you.


tyler said...

what was deputy dog going to do out in that field? i don't believe that bear was in the mood for staring contests.

John Arns said...

ah. you already knew about this. so my wlwt newsflash phone call to you was late.

i bet if that vid had continued, we'd have seen said deputy high-tailing it big time outta that field.

Dan Kalbach said...

"i need a picture so I can show everybody"

Steve Fuller said...

I wonder if that guy realizes a video is a form of moving picture.

tyler said...

i've heard the toll stands at 243 souls. the bear has reportedly demanded he be sent back to TN. he misses Dollywood.