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Monday, June 29, 2009

BESTOV Mid-Summer 09: Nutrition Bars

The award for best nutrition bars goes to Luna. These LadyBars have changed my life. They claim to be created by and for women. That's sexist. These bars are more than delicious and as a man, I am offended that they won't let me eat them. I'll say it loud and proud, I love these lady luna bars. I've been eating them for for seven weeks now and I haven't grown mammaries. So men, eat these. Eat em up and don't let these sexist, willy wonkas of nutrition bars keep you from joining the protein party. I'm about to burn my jockstrap in protest.


Liz said...

I LOVE Luna Bars. The chocolate mint is my favorite flavor.

John Arns said...

these sound delicious. but what if mammary growth is delayed, say, until bout 6 months after consumption ? then we're talking about trading in our jockstraps for bosom support. and i don't know what size i might become.

Allie said...

My fav is the lemon zest, stick it in the fridge and it is a delicious summer treat!