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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Attention Artistas

Attention local artistas. If you have the creative ability take random junk and make beautiful things like this then I'd like you to know about an upcoming gathering of people like you. This coming week I'm getting a dump truck(s) full of recycling and hand-picked junk from Rumpke delivered to vcc. I’m inviting you to come turn this junk into something beautiful. Come any time between 5:30-8pm on Thurs. the 13th to the warehouse section behind the STUDENT UNION. Just drive your car around to the backside of the building. We’ll probably have a few of these gatherings so if you can’t make the first one please email me at wise@vineyardcincinnati.com

You're wondering why. I can sense it. It's for our upcoming Christmas show called The {RE}gifter. I need a couple hundred artists to help me pull off something amazing.

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Michael J. Sharp said...

Would you mind it if I passed this along to UC students (undergrad and grad)? I know several who would love this.