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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Few Thousand Words from the Northside

There's much I could say about this first image. I took these on a bike ride to Cincinnat's Northside. I am compelled to just let the pixels do the talking. But will say one thing. At this abandoned lot/field there was this feeling that hope might be breaking out or maybe breaking thru in unfamiliar territory. Perhaps people are walking by this lot today with a new giddyup in their step thinking, Yes we can.


shay said...

i hope.

tyler said...

we missed the boat with ginger.

Ed Hatke said...

Now you're making me all misty-eyed. I grew up in Northside, just a few blocks from Ginger's. The bakery is owned by the Bonomoni's. Joe Bonomoni was in my class in grade school and we played Knothole baseball together. The coolest thing in the world was to go to his house because they lived above the bakery and everything always smelled like fresh dough.

Michael J. Sharp said...

A very good friend (Love this person) grew up in Northside. His mother died of an OD, his father lived in Tennessee, all when he was in high-school.

J lived with his grandmother (who died not too shortly after his mother did) and his grandfather on a street called Mad Anthony.

J moved out of his house when his grandfather died. The house had liens.

The last time he saw the place that he, his mother, his grandmother, his grandfather, and he .... alongside many of his friends had spent time, ... dog fights had been occurring in his old house. His room had been used to stage god fights!!!! The place he slept in!!!!!!!!

What a depressing story, but it needed to breathe.

Thanks for the Northside reminder.