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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kids, man.

Kids are bananas. They say stuff. Crazy stuff. Stuff that floors me. My brother and sister-in-law have been sending me the highlight interactions of their day. They're middle school teachers. Middle schoolers say things like, "Ummm, Mrs. Wiiiiiise, it's my uncle's birthday tonight. He's 18, but we are gonna celebrate like he's 16."

Toddlers, like Coop here on the right, say things like, "I don't like carrots.....but I love to dance." If any of you are searching for a book title, Coop just hooked you up. As a writer, I will work that line into something somewhere someday. Call it a vow.

Somebody should make a show where kids say stuff. Darndest type stuff. Stuff that deserves a Jello Pop.


ylmurph said...

those are some cute kids...

Christopher Day said...

Those really ARE cute kids! And a cute poncho, to boot.

I love to listen to kids and the truth that flows from their little mouths. Like when Cooper says, "My dad loves to dance in his underwear and sing Cher songs". Or when my kids say things like, "Our dad has the body of a Greek god, and he makes amazing omelettes".

Kids. They never lie.

John Arns said...

Hilarious describes kids' antics.

Once when my nephews Cole and Connor were coloring pictures at ages 6 and 3 (respectively), they were using crayons from an old musty box and commenting on the odor. Cole told my sister "mom, you know, this box smells like old people. you know, like great grandpa arns. I love him alot, but I kinda feel bad because he makes me want to hold my nose sometimes." Connor then pauses from his creative work and chimes in "hmmm, i like that smell."

jmjana said...

cutest kids in the world