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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Location location location

So we've assembled a "film crew" for our upcoming Christmas Experience currently titled: The {RE} gifter. It's an interactive film followed by an interactive sculpture exhibit. I think we have over 50 volunteers so far just on the film side of things. I went out with part of the core team today to check out our shoot locations. Our location scout, Donna Hern did a fantastic job. She found killer spots that require little to no set dressing and they're all located in Norwood. The absolute best spot she found was the house pictured below. We needed a creepy looking garage and Donna found us a creepy garage. The only problem is we don't have permission. The owner doesn't live there and Donna is kind of sure she'll say no. So the old Brad would've said, "We're going guerilla. Only wieners need permission." I would've told the crew to wear sneakers and carb up in case we decide to go for a spontaneous run (away). But the new Brad, strangely enough, had visions of the Norwood police showing up and hauling us all off to Norwood's jail full of Norwood people. Yikes. I imagined my volunteer crew staring at me with their big, sad eyes as a moustachioed cop gave me the ole what for and new bracelets.

So today, in a moment of mature leadership, I decided that we'd go legit with this one. I will pick up the phone and explain to this absent owner that I want her creepy garage to star in my film. I will offer her baked goods. Then furs. Then money. And if that doesn't work then perhaps the guerilla option will find its way back onto the table. I'll have the costume folks arrange matching sneakers.


Joe said...

I am so proud.

Dan Kalbach said...


Can you send me names of those playing the lead characters? It would help me with the storyboards, that is, if I know them and know vaguely what they look like. Thanks, dude.

Christopher Day said...

Joe is creepy and so is this garage.