"" bshawise: Night Fever

Monday, November 3, 2008

Night Fever

VanDammit, this guy can dance. Send him through this groove gauntlet and watch as he works the same move to perfection for every song. He's like a confident pastry chef who knows he makes a good lemon meringue so regardless of the setting he's making meringue. And it's delicious. E'rey time.

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And who says disco is dead?


John Arns said...

ya won't hear me a-sayin' it. on the contrary, 'disco is here to stay, it will never die.' wups... wrong decade
~~~fastforward from 1958 to 1977~~~ 'disco...disco duck oh...get down mama.try your luck...don't be a cluck...disco...disco duck'.... that's more like it..

Pete said...

This is the greatest post ever!