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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who's Your Fry Daddy?

Tonight, I will join my extended family for our annual turkey binge. For various reasons, I was put in charge of frying the turkey this year. If you know me even a little then you know that I like change. I am aroused (in a non-sexual way) by change. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. I was crushing on change even before Barack came around and brought the sexy back (to change). So, chances are, if you put me in charge of something I'm going to change whatever it is. Or at least try. Sometimes for good, sometimes for the opposite of good.

So this year instead of frying a turkey I'm frying random things. Like, cheese-filled turkey dogs wrapped in turkey bacon dipped in beer batter. How amazing does that artery bomb sound? Weapon of mass deliciousness. I'll also be tossing in pickle chips, jalepeno bottlecaps, salami pockets stuffed with cream cheese, shrimp and who knows what else. Cans of Coors Light if they get too close.

Every year we smoke a turkey, roast a turkey and fry a turkey. That's too much turkey. That's just more of the same. So this year, that fried turkey will come in dog form. Complete with a bacon scarf and warm crispy shell. That's change we can believe in, my friends. Let the words cry out from the crackle and pop of fried oil....Yes We Can.


Dan Kalbach said...

That sounds more like Charlie Weis' breakfast menu than a Thanksgiving dinner.

John Arns said...

but a memorable Thanksgiving dinner it will definitely be.

letting go of the same old same old and moving onward and upward to broadened turkey horizons !

Way to go bw!

Christopher Day said...

Sounds amazing. What time do we eat?

ylmurph said...

I believe it was the Pilgrims that first brought us beer batter and pickle chips. Something for which I will sadly not be able to be thankful for...we're going old school turkey and stuffing.

cheese injected deliciousness will have to wait for Christmas

Steve Fuller said...

I just want to point out how funny Dan's comment was. I laughed...a lot.