"" bshawise: Drunk History volume 4

Friday, January 23, 2009

Drunk History volume 4

This is hilarious. Of all the Drunk History volumes this is the least vulgar. But the subject matter is relevant for this week. So I hope you excuse the language. Watch the others (especially the first one) if you don't mind a little cussin'. When I say a little I mean a lots.


Christopher Day said...

"...Willlmmnm Hemmmny Harrison...God bless em..."

"This..uh..I'm gonna do all the grocery shopping for the White House myself."


Steve Fuller said...

Where was this video when I was making my case against John McCain?

"Someone make sure the government runs good."

Weren't those Dubya's final words to Obama?

John Arns said...

"Here. Let these snakes bite you for a little bit." hahahahaha

leahwise said...

Oh man. So good. I have to say that nothing beats the first one with Michael Cera.