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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Frustrating Logic

I just read an article in ESPN the magazine about Jameer Nelson (pro basketballer). He noticed that all the big stars never get frustrated on the court. So he started boxing because "nothing is more frustrating than getting punched in the face." As I showered (sorry ladies and Fuller for causing your imaginations to drift) I tried to decide if I agreed with Jameer. I've been punched in the face a few times. It was definitely frustrating. "But the most frustrating?" I asked myself as I washed my 2,000 parts. And just then I hit my head on the on the ceramic towel holder mistakenly installed inside our shower. Equally frustrating as past face-punchings.

This got me thinking. Jameer's logic is interesting. He's purposefully experiencing one frustrating thing so he can better handle another. Barring a freak facial collapse he'll be able to say,

I can handle missing tonight's game-winning free throw because I handled IronFist pummeling my face last week.

Not sure if it's good logic but it's certainly worth thinking about. What frustrating experiences have I been able to handle because I've handled something even more frustrating?

I can handle Miss Jackson crapping in my Jeep's cup holder because I handled taking her outside, in the snow, in a sling and watching her not crap last year.

I can handle the fact that toddthefrog hasn't sent me the camera I just bought from him on eBay because I handled the missed deadlines of restoring my fire-damaged house last year.

I could handle doing this for much longer, but I'd like to read yours' first. And I want to watch House. What frustrating thing can you handle because you've handled something even more frustrating?


John Arns said...

I can handle being stuck inside the house unable to traverse my ice covered driveway and street because I handled removing powerline damaging branches from the tree out front.

brent said...

I can handle countless of hours of stupid questions from my middle school kids because

I was able to handle getting to the final seat in two football interviews and not getting the job because the lone reason, which told to me, was the supt. went to bed one night and had a bad feeling.


Yo mama said...

I can handle the fact that my husband Jeff is retired from education at 35 years but I still have 6 more to go before I hit that golden level because I had the major blessing of being e a stay-at-home mom until Brad and Brent were both in school. What a major blessing that was. This year right now would be my 35th, but I can honestly say that I have no regrets. I would not trade those years with my little guys for anything. In fact, now that I am here commenting, I want to say that I am certain that I could have filled up the entire 1000 beautiful things with comments on what a joy it has been to be the mom to my two boys. Let me count the ways....