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Monday, January 5, 2009

Family Portaits

Leah's on a work call right now so I'm going to write her a letter for when she gets off.

Dear Leah,

Someday when our family is slightly bigger than us and Miss Jackson we are probably going to take family portraits. I wanted you to know that those portraits are going to look something like the ones below taken by Akihiro Furuta. I know you're gonna say something like,

"Shouldn't this be a joint decision?" or, "That's stupid. I'm not doing that."

Valid comments. I hear them. And my response is: we have years for you to change your mind. We have plenty of time to find silly outfits and tiny accordions. But I'm super flexible. We don't have to play instruments. We could hold antique garden tools or marionettes, I don't really care. There's where we can joint decide. Bottom line, my love, I just wanted to give you a heads up. I'm communicating. Because I care.


Steve Fuller said...

Will you two adopt me?

Even though I am older.

bshawise said...

Can you play the accordion and or hurdy gurdy?

Steve Fuller said...

I will learn if it means my new last name will be "Wise."