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Friday, August 20, 2010

5-Minute Theory: Boredom as a Terrorism Hatchery

Alright. I have this theory. I also have five minutes before I go to work. So rather than wait to explore said theory at a later juncture I'm gonna start the clock, spew nonsense for five minutes and then microwave some quiche.

I believe boredom is the biggest terrorism threat of our time. It happens in the factories where smart people make tons of money doing tasks that bore the absolute hell out of them. That boredom is unbearable most days. Stuck in a place of knowing they hate their job/life but liking that they can afford their pontoon boat and trips to the casino, these folks decide to numb the boredom pain. They experiment with drugs, that turns into an addiction because it's the only thing that trumps the nagging boredom. That addiction trumps their marriage and kids. Families are ruined. The boredom terrorist cell wins again.

I'm running out of time.

Churches get bored because all they do is get together once a week and wear uncomfortable clothes. They start looking for something, anything to do that'll trigger something in their brain. They need some kind of mission, action, adventure because that's what everyone needs/wants. We're hardwired that way. Somewhere, somebody says, "I'm mad about _____. We should fight to protect ______." Boredom leads to action but it's pointless, stupid action that ends up hurting everybody. How does that happen exactly? Not sure. This theory isn't fleshed out.

One minute left.

Marriage gets boring because the couple gains weight, work gets hard but boring, the tv and couch have "must see" tractor beam that dull the boredom. Couples stop talking because they're bored with the same conversation day in day out. The Internet may not be boring. Porn may be fun. An affair may be fun. Or at least new. New is good. We deserve new. We don't deserve to be bored. We work too hard to be bored. Marriage gets ruined. Kids turn into crazed maniacs that join fraternities and haze other maniacs.

My time is up. There you have it. Ungrounded theory with little to no proof. Science.


tyler said...

a lack of adversity? we need a swarm of rampaging grizzlies that make the commute slightly more interesting... as in life & death interesting.

Micah said...

Alternate theory: Boredom is a precious commodity that we have squandered because we're afraid of it.

Boredom allows us build depth by thinking the same thoughts over and over. It allows us to stop chasing after the "new" every second of every day.

I hate boredom. But I'd be a better man if I had a little more of it.

bshawise said...

There's a difference between chronic boredom and episodic. The latter is rejuvenating and necessary. The former is the devil's playground.

Micah said...

Would Paul have been a better man if he'd had a fast plane to fly him around on his missionary journeys, so that he'd not have to sit on those boring ships for weeks on end?

Would he have gotten more letters written if he'd had an iPad with Bejeweled to pass the time?

Would Caussade have had anything to write about if he'd had Youtube to keep him company while he cooked?

Boredom isn't dangerous. It's necessary. It's the FEAR of boredom that's dangerous... the idea that if we're not being entertained and busy every minute of every day that we must me missing something crucial.

It's the promise of constant entertainment that's the terrorist. And I say that as someone who absolutely loves being constantly entertained.

bshawise said...

when i say boredom i'm talking about an overall lack of mission/purpose/meaning. paul wasn't bored on that boat 'cause he was on mission. maybe "aimless" is a better word than boredom?

this is the problem with five minute theories...

Micah said...

I can buy that.