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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's like his hair is made of hypnotic tractor beams. I can't look away. Even when he's dancing so awesome I can't stop looking at his brown mane. Why is that?

Justin Bieber - Love Me
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Anonymous said...

Everything about this post makes me nervous.

bshawise said...

Hey. Jealous lover. Don't be so jealous about JustyBiebs. J.Bomber. JusterBieben. He's just a kid with noteworthy hair.

Joe Shaw said...

Two steps backwards, Bradley.

bshawise said...

Joseph, is that the name of a J-Beats song and or signature dance move? I'm new to Bieber Fever.

Daniel Kalbach said...

I am an out-of-the-closet Justin Bieber fan. People who hate on him probably would've hated on Michael Jackson in his Jackson 5 glory days. Respect the Biebs.

Christopher Day said...

It's totally impossible to hate on someone who has a webpage devoted to them called:

25 Lesbians That Look Like Justin Bieber

linky: http://www.holytaco.com/25-lesbians-who-look-justin-bieber

You go, Master Bieber. You go, and don't worry about the jealousy stemming from these wives/girlfriends/heterosexual lovers that don't understand the love grown men have for a pubescent star with Vienna Boy Choir pipes and an amazing mane.

tyler said...

it should come as no surprise that i've watched the posted video more than once. i respect sir biebs and his usher-inspired moves.