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Monday, August 16, 2010

Few Thoughts...

A few thoughts from today:

Dog parks turn awkward when ladies start kicking dogs.

Sometimes the only way to convince a dog it's not ok to murder your dog is to kick it.

Sometimes I'm glad to have black lab who is anti-social and a hound with a relentless desire to escape.

Unlike the soggy squirrel "sleeping" in the street, leaves smell good when they start to die.

My hair is getting pretty close to looking like a hockey player from the 1980s.

Or a member of the Cobra Kai Dojo.

I don't think I'd sweep Daniel's leg just because Sensei said so.

I used to have karate pajamas. With a black belt even.


I wish cheesy popcorn would put more cheesy in my belly and less on my fingers.

The Hound can't understand why I don't put cheesy in her belly.

There's a bar in Cincinnati with a Notre Dame and Xavier neon sign hanging in its window.

This makes me entertain terrorist thoughts.

Then I think, WWBED?

What would bald eagles do?

Bob Evans was the real deal.

One of these dogs just farted.

It smells like a soggy "sleeping" skunk.


Christopher Day said...

Because if you are a Cincinnati Catholic you have two choices:

1) The top dog, Mecca, the Promised Land, cream of the crop (Notre Dame)


2) Second best, still Catolic but better for homesick Cincinnatians, couldn't get into Notre Dame, best college in the country that starts with X (Xavier)

No offense, Muskies.

Notre Dame has been pretty good with the academics over the years. Oh and then there's that Joe Montana guy, 8 national titles (11 if you're a die hard fan), 7 Heisman winners, and an all time winning percentage over 75%. But besides that, they suck.

bshawise said...

are you seriously listing stats and sarcastically defending notre dame on my blog? i'm going to ddt you.

Christopher Day said...

A) I'm not even DDTable. Have you seen how big this head is? You couldn't get your arm around it.

B) I was raised an Irish fan. Every good Catholic was. Been to the golden dome, saluted touchdown Jesus (not the burnt one, the real one), and participated in the march to the stadium. It's actually a pretty impressive place (plus it's God's team).

C) Those stats are pretty freakin impressive.

D) I'm not a huge Irish fan anymore, but I still think their football team could beat Xavier's any day of the week.

E) Screw the Irish. Screw the Muskies. And screw the Bearcats. Go Bucks.