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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5-Minute Theory: Why Stuff Sucks

Put five minutes on the clock. I have another theory to not flesh out properly.

A lot of stuff sucks. It sucks that people are flipping out about the mosque down near Ground Zero. It sucks that churches are known more for hating people, places and things than loving them. Apathy sucks. Here's my theory of why this is:

Research is Dead.

Nobody does their own homework. We listen to the one guy who wrote a book about Islam who says they're all terrorists and we believe him. We tell people he's trustworthy because he used to be one. He knows. So everything he says about Muslims wanting to kill every non-Muslim must be true. We don't do any real research ourselves. We listen to the Glen Becks and Keith Olbermans and call it a day.

Religion sucks because we just inherit our beliefs and never do the research to figure out if we actually believe it ourselves. We accept our paper thin theology from our parents and do one of two things. 1. We grow apathetic and never really do anything with it besides have vague ideas of what we kind of believe. 2. We pick a few things that stand out and fight for them because in that fight we find at least a little purpose. The death or non-exsistence of personal research creates an ignorant brand of apathy and/or zealotry that leads to awkward late night bar talk or pointless pickets full of misspelled signs and bad group chantings.

I went over by four minutes. Oops. And I still didn't make sense of this un-researched theory. Lame.


Sidney said...

A great quote from a NY Times column on the mosque debacle and on Sufi Muslims:

Most of us are perfectly capable of making distinctions within the Christian world. The fact that someone is a Boston Roman Catholic doesn’t mean he’s in league with Irish Republican Army bomb makers, just as not all Orthodox Christians have ties to Serbian war criminals or Southern Baptists to the murderers of abortion doctors. Yet many of our leaders have a tendency to see the Islamic world as a single, terrifying monolith.


Read more:

Sidney said...

Oh, and I agree with your non-fleshed out theory.

Anonymous said...

i just started reading this because I thought it was a Hanson tribute blog.
so what gives?

-I guess I like Sidney's comment too, I was just hoping for more Hanson support.

Robert Tegas

Christopher Day said...

So not all Muslims are terrorists?? Hmmm. Next you'll tell me that this country was founded on the sole idea of religious freedom. Any religion. Crazy talk.

I still blame that Muslim Obama guy.

I heard a guy the other day who was very upset with the possible NY mosque. I asked if he would be upset if a Catholic church was built at the site of the Oklahoma City bombings. He said no. I explained that that made no sense because Timothy McVeigh was a Catholic. I don't think he got the analogy.

People are ignorant. The sad thing is that a lot of people are okay with their ignorance. It's comfortable.

bshawise said...

great article, sidney. did you see this one:
'Museum Of Tolerance' Director Opposes Mosque But Built Museum On Muslim Cemetery

Robert Tegas, sorry to disappoint. I'm sure there's millions of Hanson tribute blogs out there. Right?

C.Day, I agree with you about ignorance being easy.