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Friday, August 27, 2010

5-Minute Theory: Doubt = The Great Paralyzer

Put another cinco minutos on the clocko. I'll try not to go over this time.

Every one of us has a tiny demon that's drilled itself down into the depths of our brain. The Doubt Demon. He has a feathered back hair do and thinks he's the Arthur Fonzerlli of demons. I'm wasting time on this stupid description.

Doubt keeps us from doing stuff.

Doubt says: You don't really know what you want to do with your life. You don't really like ______ enough to really pursue it. Pursuing _______ costs too much money. It's impractical.

Doubt says: You're not as smart as Jonjon. You're not as spiritual as Bobbob. You can't read like they do. You'll never get it so why even try?

Doubt says: You're not qualified for _______. You don't have enough experience. People will see through you. They'll know you don't know. You'll get exposed. Then embarrassed. You need to wait. It's too early to take on _________. Take it on someday when you actually have the appropriate experience. You're simply not ready. Sorry.

Doubt says: Meryl Streep done me good.

You say: Hilarious joke, Brad.

Doubt says: They don't really think it was hilarious, Brad. It was a stupid joke. You should stop wasting everyone's time with these mega dumb posts. Where do you get off thinking you have a right to type words into the internet.

I say: Time's up.


John Arns said...

Doubt needs a good smack to the face to send HIM into paralysis.

Matt said...

Tomorrows post- "5 minute theory on the line between doubt and truth"

bshawise said...

matt, i'll see if simon cowell will guest blog tomorrow.

that's quite a challenge. but i see what you're saying.

Steve Fuller said...

Re: Doubt and truth...

Why not let experience determine that for us? If I think I can qualify for the U.S. Open, but I doubt my abilities, why not play in a qualifier? I wouldn't make the cut, but doubt keeps me from even trying.

If we let doubt do that with every aspect of our lives, man, that would be sad. I would rather try and fail than wonder what might have been.

Untested "truth" is for cowards.

bshawise said...

preach it, Seekie!

Matt said...

Trial and error works well with small stakes, but what do you do when it counts ala William Tell?

pnutcox said...

As the "Ole Lefthander" used to say (sitting right there next to Marty, I can still here his voice) "If you swing the bat you're dangerous!"