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Thursday, July 2, 2009

BESTOV Mid-Summer 09: Free DJ

Good music can make any gathering better. I just experienced that first hand at Five Guys Burger and Fries with their amazing jukebox/playlist. If you've had a get together of any sort, you know there's always a little pressure when you play your music. Unless you're hyper organized and pay attention to detail, you'll inevitably have that rogue song pop up in a playlist that you tell everyone isn't yours. Or you'll say, "How'd that get in there? I never listen to that." Nothing like some Rob Thomas song to spoil the indie rock mirage you're projecting.

That's why the award for best free DJ goes to Pandora. Take your internet machine, hook it up to your stereo, cue up the appropriate Pandora playlist and boom, you got yourself a super DJ with more songs than the pope. There's a few beauties to this set up.
1. you can pick the vibe and then Pandora plays all kinds of songs that you don't own. Stuff you wished you did and stuff you've never heard before.
2. if Pandora happens to pick a rogue stinker, you blame Pandora. You can honestly pass the buck in this situation.
3. stressed about your snobby friend's impending music judgement? Pandora takes those anxieties upon its broad shoulders and let's you worry about important things like your bean dip and whether your uncle's had two martinis or seven.
4. Pandora is a great DJ, but it doesn't wear expensive headphones all sideways, or have sculpted facial hair, or wear unbuttoned shirts with necklaces, or smell like Cool Water. This is good for the men of the party. For whatever reason, ladies like a man with crooked headphones. They must kick off pheromones that say, "I'm dangerous like Tupac, but sensitive like Stevie. Oh, and I dig on Carly Simon as well, so....why don't we get you out of those clothes."

Download Pandora, use it parties, stop spending money on hipster DJs that steal all your chicks. End this global problem today!


Ben Keller said...

Just consider hiring real DJ's for your weddings, please! -Ben

brandon haskins said...

won't be able to use pandora non-stop anymore. their new structure is 0-40 hours for free, 40+ hours per month = 99 cents. still worth it.