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Friday, July 10, 2009

Two Lies and a Truth

For the ten of you who read this blog and nine who didn't guess which statement was true about the Amish, the answer is A. The Amish decorate their house with celery in vases instead of flowers. So next time you graduate or win a race, expect an Amish bouquet from me. It makes sense, really. Flowers you can snack on if someone else gives you peanut butter.

Here's today's Two Lies and a Truth. Good luck, Joe.

A) Popeye has a nephew named Poopeye.

B) Wilford Brimley died last week and nobody paid any attention.

C) San Francisco is considering/taking suggestions for their own, safer version of Pamplona's running with the bulls. One suggestion: rollerblades and german shepherds.


10 Gallon Bucket said...

C is true, I hope, because I want to try

Jon said...

Bad timing for San Fran...a dude died yesterday in Pamplona.

Patrick said...

Popeye has a nephew named Poopeye, poor kid.

Christopher Day said...

Holy crap! How long have you had a blog??

bshawise said...

Patrick, you are correct sir.

nat shaw said...