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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BESTOV Mid-Summer 09: Trojan Horse

The award for this summer's best trojan horse goes to yoga. All these years I thought this ancient art was a stretch-laden, meditative process that helped you reach enlightenment. I was wrong. It helps you reach exhaustion and makes you fall all over yourself in the process. It's strangely one of the hardest workouts I've ever done. No wonder Madonna is so ripped. I honestly always thought yoga to be lamaze for unpregnant people. Some breathing, stretching, unsensical muttering. So when Leah and I popped the DVD in the player I was expecting a relaxing carpet ride to zen-ville. I was shocked when the lactic acid jumped out this trojan horse and ravaged my shoulders and legs for 90 minutes. All that to say, I really love it. I feel enlightened. Just not in the way I originally expected.

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John Arns said...

'it helps you reach exhaustion'. hilarious. avoid the ummms and weird utterances (in addition to the ummms) and it's a good workout.