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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Future Is Here

Global philanthropists and freethinkers, wiseday boogie productions, have just dropped their newest public service announcement- 3008: Global Burning. When a piece like this is given to the world, there are a few assumptions that'll occur among the masses. I will try an address those here.


1. This must've taken a few thousand hours of work to storyboard this masterpiece.
FACT: We let the story unfold spontaneously. This will shock you, but there was little to no time spent crafting the story.

2. This video is a prophetic piece of journalism.
FACT: We have no idea what 3008 will be like. We're not meteorologists.

3. It must've cost a lot of money to get Hellboy to play the part of Regional Manager of Doom.
FACT: We spent our money where it counted.

4. You must love the planet to create a piece like this.
FACT: We so do. We love her like crazy.

5. I thought styrofoam was safe.
FACT: You're insane.


Anonymous said...

How did a girl like me get so lucky landing a guy like Brad? He's changing the world one music video at a time.

John Arns said...

Leah, you work as a team. so you're instrumental in helping Brad change the world.

John Arns said...

and your luck should be construed as divine providence.

John Arns said...

and this video is fabtastic.